The Cope & Hope project promotes the recovery and social and labor autonomy of migrant women survivors of human trafficking, adopting a victim-centered approach.

This project began in Barcelona in February 2020 promoted by the Welfare and Development Association (ABD) and together with a consortium of European entities has allowed the implementation of pilots in Milan and Barcelona, the capitalization of knowledge, exchange and dissemination at the local and EU level of good practices aimed at the socio-labor inclusion of women who suffer this type of violence.


Cope&Hope in Barcelona

ABD Asociación Bienestar y Desarrollo carries out an intervention model focused on improving the employability of 41 migrant women victims of trafficking who live in Barcelona, offering a personal, individual and safe empowerment itinerary to improve their skills and access to the labor market.

All sessions have babysitting services, so that women can attend with their children, thus guaranteeing their conciliation and participation in the program. Apart from the counselors and professionals who lead the sessions, we also have a volunteer team made up of 10 people.

The main phases of the intervention model are:


Coordinator of the project, ACRA is an Italian independent NGO engaged in international development cooperation and global citizenship education. In Italy and Europe, ACRA has 10 years of experience in migrants’ integration projects through Global Citizenship Education programs, aimed at preventing racism and xenophobia, but also promoting the cultural, social and economic integration of migrants. ACRA has solid experience in managing EU and AMIF funds.

Passepartout is a consortium founded in 2016, formed by five social cooperatives with over 20 years of experience and skills in welcoming, housing and supporting people with different social needs. Passepartout is implementing a system of widespread hospitality of asylum seekers, refugees, and migrant, to support individuals in their migration path (providing housing, social and legal support, education, and guidance). It hosts about 200 people, mostly women, in small reception centers and in apartments spread throughout the metropolitan city of Milan.

ABD is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that was born from a group of professionals and volunteers in the eighties. Its aim is to reduce inequalities and social vulnerability through the 119 services and programs that are developed and support more than 125,000 people each year.

ABD’s social action is transversal. It gives agency to people and communities that live in very diverse situations of social fragility: physical and intellectual dependence, mental, physical and emotional health issues, lack of basic goods such as housing or energy, gender-based violence or child abuse, the simple fact of getting older or of migrating to another country, drug use, discrimination based on gender, ethnicity or origin, or lack of access to services, among others.


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Project funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union (863661 – COPE and HOPE – AMIF-2018-AG-INTE)

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